Theatre by the Blind presents:

Point of Extinction
Grand Finale at The Kirk Douglas Theatre

Written by Cosette Ruesga & David Shecter
Directed by Greg Shane
Original Songs by Laurie Grant

One Night Only!

Wednesday, July 10th @ 8:00 PM

The Kirk Douglas Theater
9820 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232


100 years in the future after a super volcano destroys more than a third of the Earth’s population, the United States of America, once the strongest county in the world is now in the midst of rebuilding itself. Resources are running low due to a record high number of people not working because of birth defects caused by the volcano. At the center of it all is president Geneva Winters who is trying to pass a law forcing the disabled to take a serum that will cure them so they can get back to work. This causes the country to divide: those for and those against the serum.


Program Partner:

Theatre by the Blind

Theatre by the Blind (TBTB) is America’s only theatre troupe composed entirely of blind actors, helps blind and visually impaired individuals become self-sufficient using theatre-based programs and original performances to help them to successfully navigate through today’s society. Theatre by the Blind provides participants with a constructive and creative forum to confront their challenges while informing the public, raising awareness, and changing perceptions about the capabilities of the blind. These remarkable individuals create and perform original theatrical works that empower and inspire program participants and audiences alike.


Wednesday, July 10th 2019 @ 8pm