Theatre by the Blind presents:

Blind Talent

Directed by Regina Saldivar and Cat Baron
Written by Zeyne Guzeldereli

Run Dates:

Jan. 24 – Feb. 9, 2020


Shawnna has been a working actress for one of the largest studios in LA for the past four and a half years. Nearing the end of her five-year player contract, she discovers that she has a degenerative eye disease and fears she’ll be let go by the head of the studio. Turning to her mentor and frequent director, Kris, the two decide to work out a day-to-day routine and system of codes to keep up normal appearances around the studio. At first, it works like a charm, but as Shawnna begins to lose more and more of her sight she must be honest about her situation in order to make the most of it - showing anyone who doubts her there is no blind luck, only blind talent. BLIND TALENT is a heartfelt comedy/drama that deals with the issues of challenging conformity and the social hierarchy.


Program Partner:

Theatre By The Blind

Theatre by the Blind (TBTB) is America’s only theatre troupe composed entirely of blind actors, helps blind and visually impaired individuals become self-sufficient using theatre-based programs and original performances to help them to successfully navigate through today’s society. Theatre by the Blind provides participants with a constructive and creative forum to confront their challenges while informing the public, raising awareness, and changing perceptions about the capabilities of the blind. These remarkable individuals create and perform original theatrical works that empower and inspire program participants and audiences aliike.


Fridays & Saturdays: 8pm

Sundays: 3pm